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Bären Ranflüh before and now

The Ranflüh district court made up part of the district of Kleinburgund.

The property was built in 1389. In 1639 the Bären was first mentioned in the chronicles as a tavern. The tavern interest was then 15 shillings.

In 1743 there was first talk of the pub «zum Bären» (to the bear) instead of the tavern. At the same time, a farm was integrated into the business during these years.

The «Landgrichtstübli» in today's Bären testifies to the time of the Peasant’s war, when the peasant rebels held their meetings and many fates were sealed. On the day of the execution of the sentence, the morning meal or the executioner's meal were taken in the tavern at Ranflüh. The delinquents were then executed on the «gallows hill» next to the school building.

Nowdays the Bären Ranflüh is a homely and cosy place in the original style. Modern and contemporary furnishing combined with the traditions of yesterday make the charm of our country inn. We are happy to have run this business successfully for 13 years and we are looking into the bright future with Diana König-Grossen (our daughter).

Opening times

Tuesday to Saturday from 9 am to 11.30 pm.
Our kitchen is open from 11.30 am until 13.15 pm and 18.00 pm until 21.00 pm

Sunday and Monday are our restaurant closed.
Hotel open 7 days/week


Gasthof Bären Ranflüh
Zollbrückstrasse 35
3439 Ranflüh
Tel: +41 34 496 59 00
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